Tom & Carolyn Smitherman

Office Phone: 336-961-3351|Fax: 336-961-3351
Tom's Mobile: 336-406-7243
NCREAL 113459 & GC/PU 29763
Carolyn's Mobile: 336-406-4205
Address: 1000 Bruce Rd., East Bend NC, 27018

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Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews
Auctioneer-Bid Caller
Office Phone: 336-699-8983
NCAL: 5346 NCAFL: 9672

Company Profile

The firm of Smitherman Realty(Realtor logo) offers real estate brokerage services as seller agent, buyer agent, or dual agent. Carolyn and Tom each have over 24 years experience in brokering properties dealing with marketing, research, financing, market analysis, governmental regulations, inspectors, infrastructure, restrictive covenants, appraisers, surveyors, builders, attorneys, insurers, lenders, and underwriters. Smitherman Realty(Realtor logo) offers individual attention to you through out your total real estate transaction.

After assuring all the brokerage details are covered, Carolyn, as a REALTOR adds a soft touch resulting from her love for quilting, soft sculpture doll making and interior decorating.

Tom, a civil engineering graduate of N. C. State University adds to the team’s vast experience as a REALTOR plus years of civic service and business experience. His history of land planning and infrastructure construction has made Tom a pro at land sales and land development.  Being an experienced LICENSED GENERAL and PUBLIC UTILITY CONTRACTOR; Tom will assist you in establishing the best and highest use for your property.  Tom’s civic activities include being President of Lion’s Club; On Board of Director’s of Regional Bank; Vice Chair of School Board (26,000 Students); Leader of various youth activities; Vice Chair of a Major Metropolitan Planning Board; Member of Chamber of Commerce and on Board of Directors of local fire dept.

Carolyn and Tom have active leadership rolls in the United Methodist church.

Approximately 5 years ago, Smitherman Realty joined the auctioneering firm license of Myers Auction Service so as to begin offering the full services of auctioning real estate and personal property. Go to to learn about this truly professional and experienced organization.