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Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews
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9.26 Acres Plus 3-Building Lots

9116 Clara Lane
Winston Salem, NC
United States
Offered at
Lot Size: 10.88 Acres
Property Type: Investment
Property Status: Sold
Property Features: Acreage

Great opportunity to have private estate of acreage close to the City. This property lays behind a nice fully developed subdivision. You can buy the 9.26 acres, lot 8583: the .56 acre,lot 2147: the .49 acre. lot 9116: and the .57 acre lot 2147 for  a total price of $88,440.00.  This is an ideal opportunity to have an estate with acreage and sale off some lots to offset your investment cost. Located about .5 mile from proposed Northern Loop that will provide great access to speedy travel.

Selling 8583, 2147, 9116, and 2147

Location Map