Tom & Carolyn Smitherman

Office Phone: 336-961-3351|Fax: 336-961-3351
Tom's Mobile: 336-406-7243
NCREAL 113459 & GC/PU 29763
Carolyn's Mobile: 336-406-4205
Address: 1000 Bruce Rd., East Bend NC, 27018

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Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews
Auctioneer-Bid Caller
Office Phone: 336-699-8983
NCAL: 5346 NCAFL: 9672

“First class and a pleasure to work with!”

To Tom and Carolyn Smitherman

I highly recommend Smitherman Realty. They took care of everything for us when we sold our house and property, as well as eliminating the stress and worry, that comes with it. Thank you Smitherman Realty, you are first class, and a pleasure to work with.

Audrey and Tony Apperson